LA Scotch Club Burns Supper

 Jan 25th, 2014

The LA Scotch Club will be hosting its 5th infamous Burns Night Supper on Saturday, Jan 25th at Beckham Grill in Pasadena, beginning at 7 with supper at 7:30 (late arrivals welcome). Our scotch sponsor this year will be Balvenie. 

What is a Burns Supper?  Well, you can get the "official" description here, but in reality it's just an excuse to eat, drink scotch, and wear kilts.  The Scotch tasting will be $15 and the food will be priced per your selection (between $28 and $44)

Robbie Burns is Scotland’s most famous poet, who wrote Auld Lang Syne and other things that tended to involve food and scotch.  In keeping with tradition, we're going to have a grand ol' time with a lot of great scotch and dinner.  Food will be pre-ordered (see below) per your selection and you may bring a friend(s) who are welcome to enjoy the supper even if they decide not to partake of scotch. 

If you google "Burns Supper", you may notice that it is traditionally chock full of a lot of formal rituals that we will be liberally abbreviating in favor of enjoying scotch.  After the Address to a Haggis, complimentary haggis will be served for those of us brave enough to sample. 

And of course there’s Los Angeles proudest cultural classic, the Drunken Poetry Contest will be held for the prize of a lovely bottle of scotch and a booby prize for the worst.  Cathy Gribble, our defending champion, won't accept defeat easily.

DRUNKEN POETRY CONTEST RULES (participation is voluntary)

No more than 8 lines
Must include a reference to whisky or scotch
Make us laugh - seriously, no middle-age angst or dead dog poems unless you want the booby prize
Haikus are just fine

We will be at Beckham Grill, conveniently located off the freeway Tax and Tip included.


The Supper


Sole with lobster sauce.  Served with mushroom risotto and vegetables

Prime Rib of Beef. Served with mushrooms & leek pudding, creamed corn, and Yorkshire pudding

Pork Prime Rib with cognac sauce. Served with garlic mashed potatoes.

Cauliflower T-bone (vegan): Served with sautéed spinach, olive tapenade, and roasted potatoes.

All served with a Chopped Stilton Salad (stilton bleu cheese dressing, tomato, egg, and green onion.)

Complimentary Haggis

The Scotch

Balvenie 12 Doublewood
Balvenie 14 Caribbean Cask
Balvenie 17yr Doublewood
Balvenie 21yr Port Wood
Balvenie Tun 1401 Batch 9
-More to come supplied by LASC- 


    The event has reached current capacity. Please leave your info and we will let you know when/if we are able to make more room available.
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